Graeme Maclean March Podcast

March 5th, 2007

Two hours of psychedelic tinted techno from the center of the universe !

1.Jaumetic - Hola (Irregular)

2.Riton - Hammer of Thor (Souvenir)

3.Alex Connors - Fortune (Tonsport Gruppe)

4.Cristian Paduraru - Sharing transparently (Dave DK mix) (Absurd)

5.Metope - Breep (Areal)

6.Maxime Dangles - Deeper (Speicher)

7.Tony Rohr - Scary lab (Oliver Koletzki mix) (Weave)

8.Ben Parris - Chris needs a nickname (Foundsound)

9.Mia - Swoon (Shonky mix) (Substatic)

10.Onur Oezer - Allegro energico (Vakant)

11.Arnaud Rebotini - Leviathan (Phonica)

12.Maetrik - Future will survive (Rene Breitbarth remix) (Treibstoff)

13.Stephan Bodzin - Bedford (Speilzeug)

14.Maetrik - Nexus (Regular)

15.Herman Schwartz - Replicants suffering (International deejay gigolo)

16.Phunklarique & Dejonka - No breath at 280 feet (Alterno79 edit) (Hammarskjold)

17.Phunklarique & Dejonka - No breath at 280 feet (Original) (Hammarskjold)

18.Cosmic sandwich - Scatter realm (Bukaddor & Fishbeck remix) (My Best Friend)

19.Trentemoller - Moan (Radio slave remix) (Poker flat)

20.Massive attack - Teardrop (Minilogue mix) (White label)