Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf September 2011 Podcast

September 30th, 2011

It's the end of the month, so it must be podcast time again! September's mix is a twisted journey through some of this months best releases and features some of the world's finest underground electronica artists. The mix subtly blends elements of darkness and light together into 2 hours of electronic ecstasy. You might call it dance music, I call it the magick of Abraxas. ;)

Things kick off with the eeriness of Re:axis Abundance and pick up pace as it reaches the bubbling exercise One remix of Elon's Carlos. From the searing vocals of Pazul's Soundgarden to the throbbing Sian remix of Night Attack, the psyched out vibes build towards Christian Smith's epic Pitanga and culminate in the blissful, 'light at the end of the tunnel' Walls Heat Haze. As usual it contains a few cheeky re edits along with the Pan-Pot remix of that old time fav ... Slam Lifetimes.

The tracklist looks a little like this .....

01.Pablo Bolivar - Escape From Galaxy Five (Chapter One) (Avant Roots)

02.Re:axis - Abundance (Monocline)

03.Re:axis - Let The Light In (Monocline)

04.Crowdpleaser - DSG (Giorgio Gigli Remix) (Turbo)

05.Elon - Carlos (Exercise One Remix) (Dumb Unit)

06.Siopis - Penny From The Lane (SIS Edit) (Get Pyhsical)

07.Lopazz - Migracion (SIS Edit) (Get Pyhsical)

08.Tiger Stripes & Audiofly - Hundra (SIS Edit) (Get Pyhsical)

09.Elon - Juan (Dumb Unit)

10.Piemont - Managua (Original Mix) (Yellow Tail)

11.Cosmic Cowboys - Origami (Echonomist Remix) (Trenton)

12.Pazul - Soundgarden (Alex Q Remix) (200 Records)

13.Gregor Tresher - Lights From The Inside (Dosem Remix) (Break New Soil)

14.Sasse & Stelio Vassiloudis - The Z (Bedrock)

15.Max Cooper - Darkroom (Traum)

16.Jim Rivers - Black Keys (Cid Inc. Remix) (Mcgroove)

17.Marco Bailey - Night Attack (Sian S Calpol Mix) (MB Elektronics)

18.Pentatones - The Devils Hand (End Of Tape Remix) (Lebensfreude)

19.Slam - Lifetimes (Pan-Pot Bass Times Mix) (Soma)

20.Christian Smith - Pitanga (Systematic)

21.Walls - Heat Haze (Kompakt)

Happy mushroom season ... until next month,