DJ Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf)’s October 2011 Podcast (December 2010 8 Hour Set)

October 30th, 2011

I'm going to be pretty busy up until the end of the year so I've decided to upload an 8 hour mix I recorded at the end of last year. I've split the mix up into three part so this is the first 2 hours and 40 minutes. The sound quality isn't as good as it could be because I had to make the files as small as possible so they would fit on the site. I'll post part 2 on the site next month and part 3 will go up in December so stay tuned.

The tracklist for part 1 looks something like this ......

01.El Txef A & Minilogue - She kissed Me First (Minilogue Hypno Remix) (Hypercolour)

02.Mikkel Metal - Lommer (Pablo Bolivar Remix) (AvantRoots)

03.Claude Von Stroke - Aundy (Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos Remix) (Dirty Bird)

04.Shahrokh Sound Of K - Ilike (Future Mix) (Compost Black)

05.Mesak - Nahat (Klakson)

06.Death On The Balcony - My Place (Jozif Remix) (Airdrop)

07.Alain Ho - Japanese Blabla (Original Mix) (Rebirth)

08.Sasse - Tumbler (Two Birds)

09.Sasse & Phonogenic - Tangential (Original Mix) (My Favorite Robot)

10.Pezzner - Blacklist (Lusine Remix) (Freerange)

11.Shiny Objects - Black Spaces (The Awaken Remix) (Smoke N Mirrors)

12.Al Tourettes & Appleblim - Mr Swishy (Linkwood's Codeine Remix) (Aus)

13.DJ Wada - El Cafe (Takashi Watanabe Remix) (Hypnotic)

14.James Teej & Johnny White - Narco Balada (Perspectiv)

15.STP - See Her Go (i Records)

16.Tigerskin - Candy (Melomane)

17.Audiomontage - Bounce 2 The Ounce (Freerange)

18.Tremsch & Metzler - Head Games (Piemont Remix) (My Best Friend)

19.Joachim Pastor - Tobisha (Boxer)

20.Dibby Dougherty - Dark Sun (Dom Kane Club Mix) (Baroque)

21.Prime Origin - Somehow (FormResonance)

22.Lele Cecchini - Joia (Original Mix) (Frequenza)

23.Daniel Mehlhart - Rank The Fields (Movida)

24.Marc Antona - Malaga (Dissonant)

25.Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Wongel (Leland McWilliams Version 2) (Cecille)

26.Mathias Schaffhauser - Kirre (Demo Version) (Tic Tac Toe)

Until next month,