Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s July 2012 Podcast (Winter 2011 CD2)

July 30th, 2012

It's been a pretty hectic month and unfortunately I've not had enough time to devote to one of my usual 2 hour mixes. Instead, I've uploaded the second disk of my winter cds from the end of last year. It's quite upbeat and gives a reflection of the peak time end of my sets.

The tracklist looks something like this ...

01.Toky - Just Noize (Apparel)

02.Oliver Klein - Caleno (Doomwork Remix) (Kling Klong)

03.Someone Else - Heartless (Tleilaxu Remix) (Foundsound)

04.Santiago Garcia - Beyond That Rout (Original Mix) (Low Pressings)

05.Henry Saiz - La Marea (Bedrock)

06.Nick Warren - Rumbletump (Microtrauma Remix) (Sudbeat)

07.Nhar - Betrayer (200)

08.Hauk N Baum - Mascotte (Original Mix) (Parquet)

09.Max Cooper & Get People - Careless (Original Mix) (Last Night On Earth)

10.Cardiowave - Dark Room (10dens feat NY fan) (Cinematique)

11.Cardiowave - Fadeaway (Cinematique)

12.Ian O'Donovan & Breccia - Nebula (Spada Remix) (Espai)

13.Yunus Guvenen - Let Go (Original Mix) (Bedrock)

Until next month,