Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s August 2012 Podcast (Sound Spektrum Podcast EP 6)

August 30th, 2012

A downloadable version of the hour and a half mix I made earlier in the month for the Sound Spektrum.

01.Jay Storic - Beaches (White Label)

02.Daniel Ray - Retro (Thoughtless)

03.Rhadow - Gave You (Mario Aureo Remix) (Cr2)

04.Jay Storic Vs The Machine Elf - Space Jockey (White Label)

05.Terranova - I Want To Go Out (David Mayer Mix) (The Machine Elf Outro Edit) (Kompakt)

06.Ahmet Sisman - Dance With The White Rabbit (Original Mix) (Culprit)

07.Solid Gear & James Crack - Lost Soul (Andrew Philippov Remix) (The Machine Elf's Extended Edit) (Mistiquemusic)

08.Ghosting Season feat Knox - A Muffled Sound of Voices (Jamie Funk Remix) (Last Night On Earth)

09.Enthousiaste, Gasten & Freak Strano - Slide It In (Nightbird)

10.Jay Storic Vs The Machine Elf - Astral (Baroque)

11.Dave Seaman & Guy Mantzur - K9 (Solee Remix) (Sudbeat)

12.Federico Epis - The End (Jamie Stevens Golden Rule Remix) (Flow)

13.Newbie Nerdz - I Can't Figure That Girl (Phonic.Lab Remix) (Innocent)

14.Joel Mull - Nagoya Bolero (Truesoul)

15.Color Of Clouds - Satelite Of Love (Fennely)


xG :-)