The Machine Elf’s November 2013 Podcast (The Therapy Sessions on Castle Club Radio 9th September 2013)

November 30th, 2013
I've been pretty busy this month so I decided to upload one of the last shows I did for Castle Club Radio.

The tracklist looks something like this ....

01.Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - Kanno (Original Mix) (Cityfox)
02.Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Morning Bells (Markus Homm Remix) (Highway 420)
03.Vinayak A - Set Her Free (Martin Buttrich Echo Dub) (subtract)
04.Piemont - Okinawa (Gabriel Ananda Remix) (The Factoria)
05.Wild Culture - Farben (Philipp Straub Remix) (My Best Friend)
06.Karan & Shivil - Latitude (Original Mix) (Ambber)
07.Rene Bourgeois - Soul Paradise (Dan Caster Remix) (Atmosphere)
08.Michael A - Intelligences (Exoplanet Remix) (Balkan Connection)
09.Blond:ish feat. Beyou - Inward Visions (Original Mix) (Kompakt)

Untill next month,