The Machine Elf’s January 2014 Podcast (September 2011 Mix)

January 31st, 2014
I've been pretty busy working on tracks this last month so I've decided to kick off 2014 with a blast from the past. This is a mix I recorded way back in 2011 but I never got round to uploading it anywhere. The tracklist looks something like this ...

01.Radio Slave - K Maze (youANDme Ambient Remix) (Rekids)
02.Room 10 - Leche Con Platano (Snubb)
03.Doppelt Gemoppelt - Tigiara (Manuel Moreno Remix) (Schallbox)
04.Daniel Mehlhart feat Alice Rose - Imagination (Notes)
05.Daniel Stefanik - Six (Kann)
06.El Txef A & Tom Demac - You Give Me The Creeps (Pol On Remix) (Flumo)
07.William Kouam Djoko - Hard Loving (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (Thirtyonetwenty)
08.Dave Crane - Blade Runner (Original Mix) (Plastik Philosophy)
09.Pazul - Sun In My Pocket (200 Records)
10.Bjorn Wilke & Someone Else - Raindow Bridge (Aki Bergen Remix) (Get Physical)
11.Exoplanet - Out Of The Fog Within (Shingo Nakamura Remix) (Lowbit)
12.Moritz Ochsenbauer - Fuck Face (Blufin)
13.Boyd Schidt - Raven (Noreuil Remix) (FRONT)
14.Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat Jarvis Cocker - Avalanche (Terminal Velocity) (Ewan Pearson's Deeper Underground Re-Vision) (Phantasy)
15.Eelke Kleijn - Nu Gaat Het Los (Evren Ulusoy Remix) (Manual)
16.Constantijn Lange - On The Hunts (200 Records)
17.Chromatic - Tone Alliance (Original Mix) (Yoruba Grooves)
18.Eelke Kleijn - Theme For Nosey (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix) (Manual)
19.Tigerskin - Torn (Dirt Crew)
20.Eelke Kleijn - Lone Ranger (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix) (Manual)
21.Underworld - Jumbo (Future Shock Worlds Apart Remix) (Junior Boy's Own)
22.Fritz Kalkbrenner - Outro (Suol)

Until next month,

Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s August 2012 Podcast (Sound Spektrum Podcast EP 6)

August 30th, 2012

A downloadable version of the hour and a half mix I made earlier in the month for the Sound Spektrum.

01.Jay Storic - Beaches (White Label)

02.Daniel Ray - Retro (Thoughtless)

03.Rhadow - Gave You (Mario Aureo Remix) (Cr2)

04.Jay Storic Vs The Machine Elf - Space Jockey (White Label)

05.Terranova - I Want To Go Out (David Mayer Mix) (The Machine Elf Outro Edit) (Kompakt)

06.Ahmet Sisman - Dance With The White Rabbit (Original Mix) (Culprit)

07.Solid Gear & James Crack - Lost Soul (Andrew Philippov Remix) (The Machine Elf's Extended Edit) (Mistiquemusic)

08.Ghosting Season feat Knox - A Muffled Sound of Voices (Jamie Funk Remix) (Last Night On Earth)

09.Enthousiaste, Gasten & Freak Strano - Slide It In (Nightbird)

10.Jay Storic Vs The Machine Elf - Astral (Baroque)

11.Dave Seaman & Guy Mantzur - K9 (Solee Remix) (Sudbeat)

12.Federico Epis - The End (Jamie Stevens Golden Rule Remix) (Flow)

13.Newbie Nerdz - I Can't Figure That Girl (Phonic.Lab Remix) (Innocent)

14.Joel Mull - Nagoya Bolero (Truesoul)

15.Color Of Clouds - Satelite Of Love (Fennely)


xG :-)


Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s June 2012 Podcast (Back To Mine Vol.3)

June 29th, 2012

A slight change from my usual 2 hours of house & techno this month, as I break out my third 'Back to Mine' mix. This mix has a nice laid back feel and it's perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

01.Ghosting Season - Lie (Original Mix) (Last Night on Earth)

02.Douglas Greed - Unbemannt (Freude Am Tanzen)

03.Silicone Soul - Dub4toots (Soma)

04.Massive Attack feat. Debbie Clare - Joy Luck Club (Virgin)

05.Murcof - Isaias IV (Intolerancia)

06.Marsmobil - Is It Tomorrow Now? (Compost)

07.Boards of Canada - Everything You Do is Balloon (Skam)

08.Cat Power - In This Hole (Matador)

09.Portishead - Theme From to Kill a Dead Man (Go! Discs)

10.The Chemical Brother feat Hope Sandoval - Asleep From Day (Virgin)

11.Mogwai - Tracy (Kid Loco's Playing With The Young Team Remix) (Chemikal Underground)

12.Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself (Sony)

13.Porn Sword Tobacco - Always (Mule)

14.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Ship Song (Mute)




Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s December 2011 Podcast (December 2010 8 Hour Set Part 3)

December 30th, 2011

Finishing the year off 2011 with the third and final part of that 8 hour set from last year.

48.Erphun - Diatomic (Sleaze)

49.John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite (Christian Smith Remix) (Bedrock)

50.SQL - Leisure Battery (Soundprank Remix) (Spherax)

51.Max Cooper - Ripple (Marc Marzenit Remix) (Traum)

52.Ryan Davis - Preeffect (Original Mix) (Unknown)

53.Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment Remix) (Planet E)

54.Egbert - Open (Cocoon)

55.Perc - Tension (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

56.Laurent Garnier - Stargazing (Crosstown Rebels)

57.Fusion F & Come T - Responsibility (Original Mix) (Baroque)

58.Electric Rescue - Ambivalent (BNR)

59.Moby - Wait For Me (Laidback Luke Remix) (Little Idiot)

60.Cari Lekebusch - Macabre (H-Productions)

61.Cari Lekebusch - Catch Me (H-Productions)

62.Spektre - Distant Fever (Extended Mix) (Respekt)

63.Neurocom - De Un Soplido (Pep Gaya Remix) (Regular)

64.Neurocom - Sans Imagination (Regular)

65.Alexander Maier & Marius Lehnert - Wrong Exit (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio Remix) (Sleaze)

66.Fady Ferraye - Those Without Shadows (Erphun Remix) (Baroque)

67.Yamil Colucci - Antidote (Sudbeat)

68.The Third Man - Messier 66 (ART)

69.Way Out West - Future Perfect (Henry Saiz Remix) (Hope)

70.Justice vs Simian - We are your friends (The Machine Elf Mash up) (Source)

71.Love - Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale (Elektra)

72.Love - You Set The scene (Elektra)

Have a good new year .....  until 2012,

xG  :-)


Graeme MacLean aka The Machine Elf’s July 2011 Podcast (Back To Mine Mix)

July 31st, 2011

It's been quite a hectic month this month and even though I had a 2 hour mix ready to go, I though I'd try something a little different.

This months mix is not my usual 2 hour house/techo style club mix. This mix was inspired by the Back To Mine/Another Late Night cd mixes (which I personally love). I've made a few of these in the past but this one (I feel) was the best.I always planned to upload it to a page of it's own but I never really had the space and I didn't know how it would go down so I left it ... until now. Listening back to it I get the feeling I missed out loads of great artists I would have loved to have added to the mix (The Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, Karen Dalton, Echo & The Bunnymen, Parliament Funkadelic, Spacemen 3, New Order, Galaxy 500, Songs Ohia ... I could go on forever!) but they either didn't fit the overall vibe of the mix or what I was feeling at the time .... who knows?

With everyone out there plugging house, techno, trance, breakbeat, drum n bass, dub step ect mixes, I thought I'd try something a little bit more eclectic. It's not the perfect type of thing to listen to when your gearing up for a night on the tiles but it's great for those Sunday afternoons/nights in when listening to repetative beats is like taking a sledge hammer to your crainium 128 times a minute. If this doesn't chase away those comedown blues and thoughts of having to go to work on Monday morning then you probably have no soul and need to seek some serious spiritual advice. :)

I've been told this is a tad self indulgent but at the end of the day, what so-called 'artist' (hawhawhaw) isn't self indulgent? You have to be self indulgent otherwise your selling out to the brainless masses who want to listen to shit like Justine Biber (or whatever her fucking name is? ;) ). So, all that being said, if your looking for a summery house mix .... come back next month. If you want something to sit back and chill to, give it a listen. You never know, you might even end up enjoying it? I personally think its one of the best mixes I've ever made but I have weird taste so I'll leave that to you to decide.

Enough waffeling from me though. I feel I've either raised or lowered your expectations enough by this point.

The tracklist goes something like this ......

01. Rob Hindle - Buenos Aires 2am (Azuli)

02. Inaqui Marin - Eva (Regular)

03. Douglas Greed - Oktober 17 (Freude am Tanzen)

04. The Flaming Lips - The Wizard Turns On ..... (Warner)

05. Supermayer - Cocktails For Two (Kompakt)

06. Stateless - Bloodstream (K7)

07. Air - The Word Hurricane (EMI France)

08. Mr Scruff - Travelogue (Ninja Tunes)

09. The Timewriter - Twisted Minds (Plastic City)

10. Goldie - Inner City Life (Goes To Miami Mix) (FFRR)

11. The Dramatics - In The Rain (Volt 4075)

12. Radiohead feat The Sneaker Pimps - Climbing The Walls (Zero 7 Remix) (Parlophone)

13. The Kings of Convenience - The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Instrumental Remix) (Source)

14. Nancy Wilson - Elevator Heat (Warner)

15. PJ Harvey - Horses In My Dreams (Island)

16. Nadine - Whenever You Are Around (Undertow)

17. M83 - I Guess I'm Floating (Mute)

18. Nightmares On Wax - Flip Ya Lid (Warp)

19. Nick Drake - Northern Sky (Island)

20. Nirvana - Tiny Goddess (Island)

Until Next Month