Graeme Maclean’s June 2008 Podcast

June 23rd, 2008

1.Liberto & Mihalis Safras - Misateka (GMan's Just a ride Edit)(Unknown)

2.Patrick Zigon - Last Soul(Sounderground Records)

3.Roberto Califano - Luxury(Paul Cart remix)(Malatoid)

4.Patrick Zigon & Niko Krist - Sendeffekt(Puzzle Traxx)

5.Gregor Tresher - A thousand nights(Dubfire quite storm remix)(Great Stuff Recordings)

6.Gui Boratto - Sozhino(K2)

7.Jona - Altiplano(Planet E)

8.Autotune - 24H a day(Force Tracks)

9.Shonky - Cosmic ray(Freak n' Chic)

10.Budai & Vic - Rollerbar(Terry Lee Brown Junior remix)(I Love Deep)

11.John Digweed - Gridlock(Henry Saiz white noise rain ceremony mix)(Renaissance)

12.Alex Rize - Leviathan 7 (Embliss back to Babylon mix)(Morphosis Records)

13.Shonky - Ondulation(Freak n' Chic)

14.Slam - Staccato rave(Adam Bayer mix)(Soma)

15.DeLacy - Hideaway(Tom's dark & lovely edit)(Art & Craft)

16.Maskio - Human jungle(Santos Re-edit)(Mantra Vibes)

17.Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr - Mind of its own(Frankie)

18.Johannes Heil & Christian Pass - Faith(Metatron)

19.Ade Fenton Vs Gary Numan - Healing(Ade Fenton's psycho mix)(Submission)

20.Steve Poindexter - Computer madness(Mark Almaria & MC Flipside remix) (Impact Mechanics)


Graeme Maclean December Podcast

December 28th, 2007
Merry Yuletide and a happy new year ;)
1.Masaya - Ms. Darcy (Meerestief)
2.Beroshima - Horizon (Funk D'void's hope remix)(Soma)
3.Claude Von Stroke & Galen - Disco kryptonite (Cadang)
4.Bradler & Dualton - Al Arab (Twisted Frequency)
5.The Hacker & Eric Borgo - Zone (Tsuba)
6.Tam Cooper - Galatica (Exercise one remix) (Simple)
7.Dani Casarano - Ana Y Jorge (Boni & Tooth T remix) (Tonsportgruppe)
8.Mute - Sigh (Cray1 labworks)
9.Robert Babicz - Chrystal castle (Marco Resmann remix) (Systematic)
10.Etienne Jaumet - Repeat again after me (Ame remix) (Versatile)
11.Satoshi Tomiie - Solar wind (DJ Yellow's intermission (SAW)
12.Maxime Dangles - Pattern (Bambu)
13.Jim Rivers - Dallas (Misfit)
14.Alex K - Wrong (Adriano Dodici remix) (Black Mamba)
15.Robobug - Minimal attraction (Low profile mix) (Takuma)
16.Popof - Hypnotical (Cr2)
17.Swat squad & Sentinel - Combustible (Plot)
18.Oriol Benedet - She's my Princess (V Label)
19.Dada life - Sweeter than fever (David West & Ida Engberg remix) (Pickadoll)
20.Mathew Leutwyler - Jovencitas (Traum)

Dj Graeme MacLean’s November Podcast

November 18th, 2007

2 Hours of throbbing techno to see you through November ;)

1.Fairmont - Flight of the Albatross(Dongtool) (Border Community)

2.Plastikman - Risk assessment (Minus)

3.Kiki & Sasse - Belvedere (Moodmusic)

4.Tiger stripes - Mad at me (Get physical)

5.Monoblock - Galgo (Monoblock edit) (Immigrant)

6.Monoblock - Lugomi (Tim Xavier bye bye Brooklyn mix) (Immigrant)

7.Spektre - Myst (Dance Electric)

8.Troy Pierce - Oxytocin (Minus)

9.Tom Clark - Fragile elements (Paul Ritch remix) (Highgrade)

10.Audiojack - 3 by 4 (U.F.O.)

11.Maetrik - Acid uprock (Regular)

12.Dubfire - Emissions (Minus)

13.Martini Bros - From Bouleaux (Konrad Black remix) (Poker flat)

14.Tom Clark - Meteor Im Eis (Tadeo remix) (Highgrade)

15.Paul Nazca - Ecume (Boxer sport)

16.Len Faki - Rainbow delta (Jerome Sydenham remix)(Ostgut ton)

17.Monoblock - El baile del Enano jardin (Alexi Delano & Xpansul remix) (Immigrant)

18.Alexi Delano - Lost4words (Truesoul)

19.Pole Folder - Babylon days (Arctic Wave)



Graeme Maclean October Podcast

October 18th, 2007

1.Nick Sole - World dubbing(Mojuba)

2.Danilo Vigorito - Blackone(Blackout)

3.Laben Cassino - Color of feels(Stadtwald)

4.Theodor Zox - Nautical dawn(Trenton)

5.Daniel Steinberg - Too much love (Heinrich & Hirtenfellner remix)(Stylerockets)

6.The southern alliance - Monkey jungle(Autist)

7.Tom Pooks - Trouble (D Julz remix)(Ovum)

8.Pascal FEOS - Pump(Karmarouge)

9.Jakob Seidensticker - Lionels ABC(Klanggut)

10.Shane Berry - Zeek(Dirty Works)

11.Marc Romboy Vs Gui Boratto - Eurasia (Marc's mix)(Systematic)

12.Smith & Selway - Lightning strike(CSM)

13.Pan Tone - Clean Getaway(Cereal/Killers)

14.Jim Rivers - Black box (Spektre mix)(Global underground)

15.Oliver Moldan - Vendetta(Garbage records)

16.Pig & Dan - Sweet September(Cocoon)

17.Jor-el - Heart beat 18.Ricardo Tobar - El sunset(Border community)



September 2007 Podcast

September 22nd, 2007

As usual another 2 hour monthly instalment from the center of the universe . This months mix is a blend of deep dark house, smooth techno and thundering breaks .

Track list to follow ......


Graeme Maclean August 2007 Podcast

August 2nd, 2007

I was pretty busy all through August so instead of uploading a new mix i've decided to upload a mix i recorded last year for Leith FM . It features a few of last years classics and i hope you'll enjoy it .

1.Jimpster - Square up (John Tejada mix)

2.Limacon - That hard

3.Damian Schwartz - Las abuela

4.Argy - Poke her girl

5.Theodor Zox - Extuder (Meatrik mix)

6.Nooncat - Show

7.Booka shade - In white room (Mexico mix)

8.GummiHz - Gomma elastica

9.Florian Meindl - Milk in tea

10.Mirror music - The redemption of Taylor Nash

11.Fairmont - Gazebo (Sebastian Leger mix)

12.Duoteque - Amarcord

13.Ada - Call the tune

14.Jamie Mchugh - Arcadia (Tyrone Latrelle don't fuck wit techno mix)

15.2 Rare people - Show you (Cio feeling better mix)

16.3 Channels - Amnesia

17.Peter Horrevorts - Birth (Remix)

18.Tobi Dreher - M.R.T (Haito mix)

19.Massive attack - Flase flags (UNKLE surrender sounds mix)

20.The Shamen feat Terence Mckenna - Re:Evolution



Graeme Maclean July 2007 Podcast

July 25th, 2007

Another two hour round up of whats been hot in my record box this month ;)

1.Joe T Vannelli - Prelude (Intro mix)(Dream beat)

2.Joe T Vannelli - Prelude (Original mix)(Dream beat)

3.Guy Gerber - The pilgrim (Twisted)

4.Adultnapper - Maxwell's demon (Alexi Delano remix) (Ransom note)

5.Mark August - Just like that (Connaisseur)

6.Monomachine - SLT (Paradigma)

7.Sian - Vapour (Mule)

8.Matthias Heilbronn - Do it right (Matty's PFR mix) (Poker flat)

9.Swat squad - Humo (Pulse With Tactics)

10.Rune - Yesteryear (Arti farti)

11.Perc - Skid lid (Perc trax)

12.Bjoern Stolpmann - Aqui (Onitor)

13.Alexis Tyrel - Rebecca Loos (Gui Boratto mix) (Weave)

14.Groove rebels - Breakpoint (Nudisco remix) (Hammarskjold)

15.D.Diggler - Incidence (Pascal Feos mix) (Resopal)

16.Dj Umek feat Andja - Carbon occasions (Extended mix) (Earresistible)

17.Markus Schulz - Fly to colors (Cold Harbour)

18.Danny Tenaglia - Turn me on (John Digweed & Nick Muir's bedrock mix) (Twisted)



Graeme Maclean May Podcast

May 23rd, 2007

Sorry its taken so long folks :)

1.Captain - Glorious (Radioslave remix)(Emi)

2.X-press 2 - Kill 100 (Radioslave remix)(Skint)

3.Stereofunk & Andre Traenkner - Lambada (Superfancy)

4.Blackstrobe - Shining bright star (Oliver Huntemann instrumental)(playlouder)

5.Pete Lazonby - I miss u (Playhouse)

6.Alex Seda & Tony Maness - Drop that shit (Unknown)

7.Selway & Vincenzo - Dream stealer(V2)(CSM)

8.Martinez - Mistlur(3RD Floor)

9.Andre Crom - Privatpatient(Sender)

10.Blackstrobe - Shining bright star (Blackstrobe mix)(playlouder)

11.Salatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli - Honolulu(Trapez)

12.Airbag - Outstanding (Taito Tikaro remix)(Irresistible)

13.Pig & Dan - Blobz(Pickadoll)

14.Maskio & Alex Dolby - Tokyo zoo (Mantra Vibes)

15.Stereofunk & Andre Traenkner - Rakete (Superfancy)

16.Audion - Noiser(Spectral Sound)

17.Jesse Somfay - Jewelsweet groove (Audio Invaders)

18.X-press 2 - Kill 100 (Carl Craig remix)(Skint)



Graeme Maclean April Podcast

April 3rd, 2007

Another month .... another 2 hours of psychedelic tinted techno from the center of the universe !

1.Agnes & Ripperton - Tchang beers (Sthlmaudio)

2.Robert Babicz - Sin (Ripperton mix) (Systematic)

3.Koletzki & Meindl - Paris (Flash)

4.Missing link - Fishin (Wagon Repair)

5.S.W.A.T squad - Mandanga (Sounderground)

6.Benno Blome - Sarahtov airlines (Sender)

7.Robert Babicz - Sin (Gui Boratto mix) (Systematic)

8.Chris Gruber - Samuels walk (Mutekki)

9.Nico Purman - Voodoo (Crosstown Rebels)

10.Herman Schwartz - Nothing to lose (Gigolo)

11.Matzak - Girl in water (Boxer Recordings)

12.Koletzki & Meind - Grandmothers flash (Flash)

13.Chris Gruber - Marv (Mutekki)

14.Slam - Azure (Part 1) (Soma)

15.Plastikman - Afrika (Minus)

16.Damian Schwartz - Ryf 4 (Apnea)

17.Anna - Schwarzes gold (Autist)

18.Jahcoozi - Ali Mcbills (Robert Johnson 6am x-ray italo rework) (Careless)

19.Laurent Garnier - The man with the red face (F-Communications)



Graeme Maclean February Podcast

February 6th, 2007

More dreamy house and techno to see you through February . This months mix is a high-tech journey filled with more bleeps n blops than R2-D2 .

1.Pitch & hold - Pars pro tools (Love triangle)

2.Ripperton - Tainted words(Plasmik mix) (Connaisseur)

3.Antonelli Electr - Les beaux arts (Level)

4.Marcin Czubala - Starliner (Mobilee)

5.Oscar & Stereofreak - Konigsdisziplin (Karatemusik)

6.3 Channels - Case up (Crosstown rebels)

7.Dachshund - Somehow (Num Records)

8.Booka shade - Darko(Booka’s air tube mix) (Get physical)

9.Jori Hulkkonen - To the cabin;sauna and drinks (Turbo)

10.M.I.A - Happy (Sub-static)

11.Nathan Fake - Outhouse(Valentino Kanzyani mix) (Recycled loops)

12.Moby - Go(2006) (Mute)

13.Love - Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale (Elektra)

As always …. the mix has it’s own message to convey

Peace + Love