Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf) November 2017 Podcast

November 30th, 2017


After a 2 year hiatus, I've put together an upbeat 3 hour mix to help warm up the cold winter nights.

01.Budakid feat.Siogue - Ruler on the Throne (Original Mix)(Einmusik)
02.Henry Saiz - In The Distance (Culprit)
03.Hacker & Miethig - Bodymind (Original Mix) (EIN2)
04.Filippo Diamantini - Empty Space (Just Her Remix) (Blindfold)
05.Cybordelics - Adventures of Dama (Butch Remix) (Harthouse)
06.Re:You - Work It Now (Tiefschwarz Remix) (Cacao)
07.Depeche Mode - Cover me (Ben Pearce Remix) (Columbia)
08.Steve Bug & Langenberg - Chord Cluster (Poker Flat)
09.Zoo Brazil feat. Wolf & Moon - From a Distance (Monkey Safari Remix) (Magik Muzik)
10.Oscar L - Synesthesia (Original Mix)
11.Gorge - Ajala (Knee Deep In Sound)
12.Steve Bug & Langenberg - The Teaze (Original Mix) (Poker Flat)
13.Yeah But No - Sand (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) (Sinnbus)
14.USED USED - Cooking Together (Original Mix) (Dantze)
15.Oliver Lieb - Caldera (Proton)
16.Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard & The Ground - Homeless Heart (Original Mix) (Audiomatique)
17.Florian Kruse & Brolin - Navigator (Marst Dub) (MetaPop)
18.ENOS - Distant Smoke (Lake Avalon Remix) (Click)
19.Ante Perry & Nathan Fix - Dortmund Hi (Original Mix) (Lany)
20.Geist - The Fallen (Original Mix) (Tulipa)
21.The Howling - Stole the Night (Oliver Koletzki Remix) (Monkeytown)
22.Tom Demac - Bark or Bite (Hypercolour)
23.Darlyn Vlys - Furiosa (Beachcoma)
24.Edu Imbernon & Droog (LA) - Spectral (Culprit)
25.Super Flu - mygut (Deetron Remix) (Monaberry)
26.Hillie - No Snorkel (Irk Yste Remix) (Finebeatz)
27.Christian Smith & 2pole - Snake (Original Mix) (Tronic)
28.Paul Anthonee, Haze & Inner Rebel - The Love is Over feat. Haptic (Suara)
29.Decomposer - Ara coeli (Original Mix) (Festina Lente)
30.Dosem - Mentality (Original Mix) (Houstrike)
31.Yotto - Off the Grid (Anjunadeep)
32.Simao - The Bite (Tulipa)
33.George Fitzgerald - Burns (Double Six)

Until next time,
Peace & Love



The Machine Elf’s October 2015 Podcast (July 2015 Mix)

October 27th, 2015
It's been a while, so I thought I'd upload a 3 hour mix instead of the usual 2 hour one. I recorded this back in July, but I didn't get round to adding the idents until recently. Here it is anyway.

The tracklist looks something like this …

01.Hermanez & BP - Octa Motus (Original Mix) (Elevate)
02.Jos & Eli - Destination (Original Mix) (Parquet)
03.Andre Sobota - Solaris (James Teej Saturn City Remix) (microcastle)
04.Khen - Sweet Break Up (Original Mix) (Sudbeat)
05.Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid - Tulum (Extinct)
06.Soukie & Windish - Forward Backyard (Original Mix) (Audiomatique)
07.Gab Rhome - Drifting (Anjunadeep)
08.Yoram - Puncture (Original Mix) (Crossfrontier Audio)
09.Of Norway Feat. Linnea Dale - Spirit Lights (Lehar Remix) (Connaisseur)
10.Jonas Saalbach & Tschoris - Boorka (Original Mix) (Save Us)
11.Olaf Stuut - Spirograph (Aparde Remix) (Traum)
12.Satori (NL) Feat. Hugo Oak - Wasted (Kris Davis Remix) (Underyourskin)
13.Taster Peter - Danza Inquieta (Peet Remix) (Traum)
14.Butch & Hohberg - Losing Gravity (Original Mix) (Diynamic)
15.Satori (NL) - Ehsan (Original Mix) (Underyourskin)
16.Richter & Aki Bergen - The Fog (Original Mix) (Neurotraxx)
17.Timid Boy - The Bubble Track (Original Mix) (Tenampa)
18.Dauwd - Ritter Sport (Kompakt)
19.Art Department - Walls (Chaim Remix) (No.19 Music)
20.Bastian Bux - Mulberry (Original Mix) (Suara)
21.Speaking Minds - Yaounde (Original Mix)(Aeon)
22.Joris Voorn Feat Matthew Dear - Homeland (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) (Green)
23.Nick Galemore - Desole (Original Mix) (Kindisch)
24.Marc Romboy - Osiris (Original Mix) (Bedrock)
25.Just Her Feat Calder - Flatline (Suara)
26.Orsen - Elysium (Particles)
27.Mike Ravelli - Taura (Tenampa)
28.Mike Ravelli - Vendor (Tenampa)
29.Dosem - Lost In Taxi (Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit Remix) (Suara)
30.Konvex & The Shadows Feat Frag - Shooting Star (Andre Crom Remix) (OFF)
31.Vimes - Celestial (Needwant Extended Mix) (Needwant)
32.Max Cooper - Empyrean (Fields)

Until next time,


The Machine Elf March 2015 Podcast (October 2014 Mix)

March 9th, 2015
Been a while since I uploaded one of these cause I'm still pretty busy in the studio working on new material. This is just something I was messing about with near the end of last year. 

The tracklist looks a little like this ...

01.Ghosting Season - Washed Ashore (Last Night on Earth)
02.Dustin Nantais - Beginnings (Manual)
03.Marc Poppcke - Summer Breeze (Original Mix) (Crossfrontier)
04.Hunter/Game - Ice (Original Mix) (Innervisions)
05.jozif - Good Man (Original Mix) (Culprit)
06.Everyone But None - Losing You (Original Mix) (Dub Quixote)
07.Droog - You & Me (Divetone)
08.Inxec - Remember (Extravaganza)
09.Steve Bug feat. Virginia - Trust In Me (John Daly Extra Dub Remix) (Poker Flat)
10.Fur Coat - Borsch (Original Mix) (Crosstown Rebels)
11.Flowers & Sea Creatures - So Far The Star (Original Mix) (My Favorite Robot)
12.Alex Niggemann - Tarkus (Original Mix) (Last Night on Earth)
13.Henry Saiz - Dust & Rust (Original Mix) (Natura Sonoris)
14.Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Tales of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix) (City Slang)

Until next time,

The Machine Elf’s January 2014 Podcast (September 2011 Mix)

January 31st, 2014
I've been pretty busy working on tracks this last month so I've decided to kick off 2014 with a blast from the past. This is a mix I recorded way back in 2011 but I never got round to uploading it anywhere. The tracklist looks something like this ...

01.Radio Slave - K Maze (youANDme Ambient Remix) (Rekids)
02.Room 10 - Leche Con Platano (Snubb)
03.Doppelt Gemoppelt - Tigiara (Manuel Moreno Remix) (Schallbox)
04.Daniel Mehlhart feat Alice Rose - Imagination (Notes)
05.Daniel Stefanik - Six (Kann)
06.El Txef A & Tom Demac - You Give Me The Creeps (Pol On Remix) (Flumo)
07.William Kouam Djoko - Hard Loving (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (Thirtyonetwenty)
08.Dave Crane - Blade Runner (Original Mix) (Plastik Philosophy)
09.Pazul - Sun In My Pocket (200 Records)
10.Bjorn Wilke & Someone Else - Raindow Bridge (Aki Bergen Remix) (Get Physical)
11.Exoplanet - Out Of The Fog Within (Shingo Nakamura Remix) (Lowbit)
12.Moritz Ochsenbauer - Fuck Face (Blufin)
13.Boyd Schidt - Raven (Noreuil Remix) (FRONT)
14.Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat Jarvis Cocker - Avalanche (Terminal Velocity) (Ewan Pearson's Deeper Underground Re-Vision) (Phantasy)
15.Eelke Kleijn - Nu Gaat Het Los (Evren Ulusoy Remix) (Manual)
16.Constantijn Lange - On The Hunts (200 Records)
17.Chromatic - Tone Alliance (Original Mix) (Yoruba Grooves)
18.Eelke Kleijn - Theme For Nosey (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix) (Manual)
19.Tigerskin - Torn (Dirt Crew)
20.Eelke Kleijn - Lone Ranger (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix) (Manual)
21.Underworld - Jumbo (Future Shock Worlds Apart Remix) (Junior Boy's Own)
22.Fritz Kalkbrenner - Outro (Suol)

Until next month,

The Machine Elf’s December 2013 Podcast

December 30th, 2013
Rounding off 2013 with 2 hours of deep tech house and electronica. This months mix features the usual blend of new music along with some stuff from earlier in the year that never made it on to any of my radio shows.

01.youAND Themachines - Entrance (Ornaments)
02.YokoO - Moonwalk (Matthias Vogt Remix) (L'Enfant Terrible)
03.Ezequiel Anile - First Sun (Balkan Connection)
04.Riley Reinhold & Stefan Gubatz - The Next and The Next (Yellow Bus Project Remix) (MBF)
05.German Brigante - Longo Longo (Original Mix) (Sincopat)
06.Danniel Odell - Shoutout (Milton Channels Remix) (Abstract Nature)
07.Dusky - Every Day (Laura Jones Remix) (Dogmatik)
08.Dashdot feat. Zz (Br) - Places (S.K.A.M. Remix) (Nin92wo)
09.Silky Raven - Caterpillars, Birds (October's Cotton Crew Version) (Connaisseur)
10.Andro V - Bizarre (Original Mix) (Steyoyoke)
11.Michael A - No Cheats (Original Mix) (Balkan Connection)
12.Betoko - Dark Side Of My Mind (Original Mix) (Alfa Romero)
13.Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU (Original Mix) (Anjunadeep)
14.MPathy feat. Blancah - Vendavais (Original Mix) (Steyoyoke)
15.Cocolores - What You Do (Original Mix) (Dirt Crew)
16.Hunter/Game - Distant Storms (Christian Prommer Remix) (My Favorite Robot)
17.Avatism - Mastodon (Mind Against Remix) (Vakant)
18.Mantu - Artbridge (Philip Bader Remix) (Get Physical)
19.GMJ - Recoil (Tvardovsky Remix) (Stripped)
20.Edu Imbernon & Coyu - The Storm (Original Mix) (Suara)
21.Blakkat feat. Mark Bell - Deeper (4Mal Vocal Remix) (Shaboom)
22.Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Fragments of Self (Petrels Remix) (Fields)

A big thank you to all the folks who've come along to the club nights or supported the podcast over the last 12 months. I hope Santa was good to you and I wish you all the best for 2014.

Until next year,

The Machine Elf’s November 2013 Podcast (The Therapy Sessions on Castle Club Radio 9th September 2013)

November 30th, 2013
I've been pretty busy this month so I decided to upload one of the last shows I did for Castle Club Radio.

The tracklist looks something like this ....

01.Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - Kanno (Original Mix) (Cityfox)
02.Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Morning Bells (Markus Homm Remix) (Highway 420)
03.Vinayak A - Set Her Free (Martin Buttrich Echo Dub) (subtract)
04.Piemont - Okinawa (Gabriel Ananda Remix) (The Factoria)
05.Wild Culture - Farben (Philipp Straub Remix) (My Best Friend)
06.Karan & Shivil - Latitude (Original Mix) (Ambber)
07.Rene Bourgeois - Soul Paradise (Dan Caster Remix) (Atmosphere)
08.Michael A - Intelligences (Exoplanet Remix) (Balkan Connection)
09.Blond:ish feat. Beyou - Inward Visions (Original Mix) (Kompakt)

Untill next month,

The Machine Elf’s October 2013 Podcast

October 31st, 2013

2 hours of psychedelic tech funk from the center of the universe.

01.Lukas Greenberg Feat. Cari Golden - Intro (Plastic City)
02.Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - Kanoo (Original Mix) (Audiomatique)
03.Jonas Woehl Feat. Fabian Reichelt - Into You (Original Mix) (Poesie Musik)
04.Tim Green - Monomania (Original Mix) (Disc Over)
05.Jonatan Ramonda - Long Way to Sky (Jelly For The Babies Remix/The Machine Elf Edit) (Balkan Connection)
06.Samu.l - Seagull (Reset Robot Remix) (Surface)
07.Ben Clarke - Depth From Above (Electronique)
08.Soul Button & Sasch - Unfold (Original Mix) (Steyoyoke)
09.Daniel Dexter - Why So Serious? (Poker Flat)
10.Guy Mantzur, Khen & Kamila - Moments Becoming Endless Time (Original Mix/The Machine Elf Edit) (Sudbeat)
11.Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - Walls (Original Mix) (Audiomatique)
12.Mano Le Tough - Everything You've Done Before (Dixon Remix) (Permanent Vacation)
13.Namatjira - Sequoia (Original Mix) (3rd Avenue)
14.Tonkproject - Sunsomewhere (Original Mix) (Silk Textures)
15.Mind Against - Atlant (Original Mix) (Life And Death)
16.Elon - Floating Faces (ReSolute)
17.Sid Le Rock - Lake Superior (Original Mix) (Beachcoma)
18.Michael A - Intelligences (Miraculum's Science Remix) (Balkan Connection)
19.Those Beats - Always Keep The Laughing (Original Mix) (Glasgow Underground)
20.Satoshi Fumi - The Messenger (Ian O'Donovan Remix) (Unknown Season)
21.Deetron Feat. Ovasoul7 - Out of My Head (George Fitzgerald Remix/The Machine Elf's Extended Edit) (Music Man)
22.Robert Babicz - Dream Sequence 4 (The Machine Elf's outro Edit) (Systematic)

Until next month,

Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf)’s September 2013 Podcast (The Therapy Sessions on Castle Club Radio 30th September 2013)

September 30th, 2013

It's been one of those months again folks so I've not been able to put together a 2 hour mix. Instead I've uploaded my latest installment for tonights show on Castle Club Radio.

01.Maximono - Welfengarten (Original Mix) (Crossfrontier)
02.Leftfield - Song Of Life (Betoko Remix) (Hope)
03.Maya Jane Coles feat Kim Ann Foxman - Burning Bright (Joyce Muniz Remix) (I/AM/ME)
04.Mihai Popoviciu & David Delgado - Ajiaco (Original Mix) (Highgrade)
05.Jimpster - Towards The Seer (Andre Lodemann Remix) (Freerange)
06.Smash TV - Noise & Girls (Yousef Circus Rework) (Get Physical)
07.Microtrauma - Cortext (Ron Flatter Remix) (Traum)
08.James Teej - Liking Your Disorder (Timo Maas Remix) (Last Night On Earth)
09.Scotty.A - Nothing As It Seems (Original Mix) (Proton)
10.DJ Yellow feat. Flowers & Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix) (Compost Black)

Until next month,

Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf)’s August 2013 Podcast (The Therapy Sessions on Castle Club Radio 12th August 2013)

August 30th, 2013
Unfortunately I've not had time to put together a 2 hour mix this month so I've uploaded one of my recent radio shows instead.

01.Sebastian Torres - Jaguar (Frank Johnson & Enrique Vela Remix) (Aftersoul)
02.Nikitin - We Already Paid (Original Mix) (Dear Deer)
03.Dan Baartz - Branded (Rhadow Remix) (Trojan House)
04.Anton Ishutin - Superstar (Anturage Remix) (Nueva Deep)
05.Tapesh & Kant - What I Need (Original Mix) (Suara)
06.Oliver Deutschmann - Hold On (Aura Karma)
07.Strung Fellows - Geisha (Original Mix) (Tonkind)
08.Sebastian Torres - Ayahuasca (Aftersoul)
09.H-Foundation & David Durango - Surface (Original Mix) (Supplement Facts)
10.Climbers feat Yasmine Azaiez - Criminal Love (Clarian's Dream In Acid Remix) (Culprit)

Until next month,

Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf)’s July 2013 Podcast

July 31st, 2013

Back again with a blissed out summer podcast from the centre of the universe! 

In the 7 years I've been doing these mixes, I can honestly say this is one of my favourites. It's got a bit of a different feel to it and I've stayed away from a lot of the thrashy, techno style tracks I often throw in near the end. 

I usually have to bounce the files down to 128k to fit them on the site so if you'd like the 320k version, just email me at or hit me up on Twitter @GMachineElf and I'll do my best to get another download link set up. 

 01.Ghosting Season - Lost At Sea (Original Mix) (Last Night On Earth) 
02.Hunter/Game feat Bajka - The Island (Original Mix) (Last Night On Earth) 
03.Props & Mayhem - Into The Dark (Original Mix) (Unknown) 
04.Aaron Und Pascal - Antani (Original Mix) (Recycle) 
05.St. Savor - Mysterious Russian Souls (Sudbeat) 
06.Henry Saiz feat. Cornelia - Fill Me Up (Drake Remix) (Natura Sonoris) 
07.Mjutah - Mekong (Original Mix) (Concorde Club) 
08.Sivesgaard & Atapy - Beating Strong (Luis Leon Remix) (Cimelde) 
09.Scotty A - Once More Into The Fray (Original Mix) (Proton) 
10.TJ Kong & Eric De Man - Mariage Parfait (Original Mix) (Artform) 
11.Pete Oak - Sparks (Original Float Mix) (Spirit Soul) 
12.Agoria feat. Scalde - For One Hour (Kosme Remix) (Rebirth) 
13.Egokind - Dreamer (Blenn & Gleich Remix) (Kallias) 
14.Marc Poppcke - Breakable (Namatjira Remix) (Crossfrontier) 
15.Sid Le Rock - Here We Are (Original Mix) (My Favorite Robot) 
16.Alfonso Muchacho - Wolf Tickets (Original Mix) (A Must Have) 
17.D-Mand - Weltesser (Aparde Remix) (Blendwerk) 
18.Sid Le Rock - She Smiles (Fairmont Remix) (My Favorite Robot) 
19.Gabriel Ananda - Let It In And Let It Out (Original Mix) (Suara) 
20.Rone feat. John Stanier - Pool (InFiné) 
 21.Joash - 77 (Compost) 

 Until next month,