Graeme Maclean August 2007 Podcast

August 2nd, 2007

I was pretty busy all through August so instead of uploading a new mix i've decided to upload a mix i recorded last year for Leith FM . It features a few of last years classics and i hope you'll enjoy it .

1.Jimpster - Square up (John Tejada mix)

2.Limacon - That hard

3.Damian Schwartz - Las abuela

4.Argy - Poke her girl

5.Theodor Zox - Extuder (Meatrik mix)

6.Nooncat - Show

7.Booka shade - In white room (Mexico mix)

8.GummiHz - Gomma elastica

9.Florian Meindl - Milk in tea

10.Mirror music - The redemption of Taylor Nash

11.Fairmont - Gazebo (Sebastian Leger mix)

12.Duoteque - Amarcord

13.Ada - Call the tune

14.Jamie Mchugh - Arcadia (Tyrone Latrelle don't fuck wit techno mix)

15.2 Rare people - Show you (Cio feeling better mix)

16.3 Channels - Amnesia

17.Peter Horrevorts - Birth (Remix)

18.Tobi Dreher - M.R.T (Haito mix)

19.Massive attack - Flase flags (UNKLE surrender sounds mix)

20.The Shamen feat Terence Mckenna - Re:Evolution