Recommended Reading


Junky - William S Burroughs

The Confessions of Aleister Crowley - Symonds & Grant

Bill Hicks (Agent of Evolution) - Kevin Booth and Michael Bertin

The Manson Files (Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman) - Nikolas Schreck

Freaky Dancing - Bez

Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape & Other Traumas) - Mick Middles

None Shall Divide Us - Michael Stone


Ulysses - James Joyce

Finnegans Wake - James Joyce

Glue - Irvine Welsh

Skagboys - Irvine Welsh

Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh

24 Hour Party People - Tony Wilson

1984 - George Orwell

Animal Farm - George Orwell

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

Naked Lunch - William S Burroughs

Entangled (The Eater of Souls) - Graham Hancock

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson

Illuminatus! Trilogy - Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson


How To DJ (Properly) - Frank Broughton

The Hacienda (How Not to Run a Club) - Peter Hook

Up-tight (The Story of The Velvet Underground) - Victor Bockris and G. Malanga

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (100 Years of the Disc Jockey) - Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

Energy Flash (A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture) - Reynolds Simon

Strange Sounds (Music, Technology and Culture) - Timothy D Taylor

Technomad (Global Raving Countercultures) - Graham St.John

Myth, Philosophy, Religion & or Social:

Man and His Symbols - Carl Jung

Beyond Good and Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Birth of Tragedy - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Case of Wagner - Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Republic - Plato

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The king James Bible

The God Delusion - Richard Dwakins

The Satanic Bible - Anton LaVey

Trickster Makes This World (How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture) - Lewis Hyde

Trickster (A Study in American Indian Mythology) - Paul Radin

Fingerprints of The Gods - Graham Hancock

Born Fighting (How the Scots-Irish Shaped America) - James Webb

The Secret History of The Jesuits - Edmond Paris

The Golden Bough - James G Frazer

Astrotheology & Shamanism (Christianity's Pagan Roots) - Jan Irvin

Occult & Esoteric:

Magick in Theory and Practice - Aleister Crowley

Lords of The Left-hand Path - Stephen E Flowers

NAOS (A Practical Guide To Modern Magick) - ONA

The Black Book of Satan - ONA

Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson

The Book of Thoth - Aleister Crowley

I-Ching or The Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm (Translation)

The Trickster and the Paranormal - George P Hansen

The Black Arts (A Concise History of Witchcraft, Demonology, Astrology, and Other Mystical Practices Throughout the Ages) - Richard Cavendish


Food of The Gods - Terence Mckenna

The Archaic Revival - Terence Mckenna

The Invisible Landscape - Terence Mckenna

True Hallucinations - Terence Mckenna

DMT (The Spirit Molecule) - Dr Rick Strassman

Inner Paths To Outer Space - Dr Rick Strassman

Breaking Open the Head - Daniel Pinchbeck

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - John M Allegro

Dark Shamans (Kanaima and the Poetics of Violent Death) - Neil L Whitehead

Sex, Drugs, Einstein & Elves (Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes and the Quest for Transcendence) - Clifford A Pickover