Graeme MacLean (aka The Machine Elf)’s July 2013 Podcast

July 31st, 2013

Back again with a blissed out summer podcast from the centre of the universe! 

In the 7 years I've been doing these mixes, I can honestly say this is one of my favourites. It's got a bit of a different feel to it and I've stayed away from a lot of the thrashy, techno style tracks I often throw in near the end. 

I usually have to bounce the files down to 128k to fit them on the site so if you'd like the 320k version, just email me at or hit me up on Twitter @GMachineElf and I'll do my best to get another download link set up. 

 01.Ghosting Season - Lost At Sea (Original Mix) (Last Night On Earth) 
02.Hunter/Game feat Bajka - The Island (Original Mix) (Last Night On Earth) 
03.Props & Mayhem - Into The Dark (Original Mix) (Unknown) 
04.Aaron Und Pascal - Antani (Original Mix) (Recycle) 
05.St. Savor - Mysterious Russian Souls (Sudbeat) 
06.Henry Saiz feat. Cornelia - Fill Me Up (Drake Remix) (Natura Sonoris) 
07.Mjutah - Mekong (Original Mix) (Concorde Club) 
08.Sivesgaard & Atapy - Beating Strong (Luis Leon Remix) (Cimelde) 
09.Scotty A - Once More Into The Fray (Original Mix) (Proton) 
10.TJ Kong & Eric De Man - Mariage Parfait (Original Mix) (Artform) 
11.Pete Oak - Sparks (Original Float Mix) (Spirit Soul) 
12.Agoria feat. Scalde - For One Hour (Kosme Remix) (Rebirth) 
13.Egokind - Dreamer (Blenn & Gleich Remix) (Kallias) 
14.Marc Poppcke - Breakable (Namatjira Remix) (Crossfrontier) 
15.Sid Le Rock - Here We Are (Original Mix) (My Favorite Robot) 
16.Alfonso Muchacho - Wolf Tickets (Original Mix) (A Must Have) 
17.D-Mand - Weltesser (Aparde Remix) (Blendwerk) 
18.Sid Le Rock - She Smiles (Fairmont Remix) (My Favorite Robot) 
19.Gabriel Ananda - Let It In And Let It Out (Original Mix) (Suara) 
20.Rone feat. John Stanier - Pool (InFiné) 
 21.Joash - 77 (Compost) 

 Until next month,